About Us


Welcome to the Heart Leader Community, a vibrant collective of heart-centered individuals dedicated to personal mastery, leadership development, and spiritual growth. Here you’ll find deep bonds blossoming into life-long friendships as members support one another’s journey with compassion. Our inclusive space fosters trust and understanding – many members credit our community for getting them through difficult times.

Meet Our Heart-Centered Guide

Gabriel Gonsalves, an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, coach, and leadership development consultant, is our guide. His decades-long immersion in personal growth shines through his emotional wisdom teachings and heart-centered programs.

Gabriel’s spiritual path unfolded during a profound personal crisis. The transformative volunteer work that followed led him to establish Agape SA, a spiritual community inspired by Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith. He went on to found Heart’n Mind Consulting, Sacred Heart Ministries, and our community.

With Christian, Sufi, and Native American ancestral wisdom, Gabriel skillfully blends spiritual traditions into a practice of universal principles and heart-centered living. His warmth, insight, and credibility have made him a sought after speaker and advisor to leaders of conscious businesses and nonprofits organizations globally.

Our Big Why

Our motto calls us to “Be the change we want to see in the world.” We believe heart-centered leaders coming together creates an unstoppable force for good. Our programs, courses, and learning circles empower members to embody positive change – first within, then growing that vibration outward into families, communities, and our planet.

Our Transformational Framework

The core of the Heart Leader Community experience is Gabriel’s Heart Leadership framework – equipping individuals to meet life’s challenges from the heart. Many members say they’ve finally found the missing piece – a practical methodology for living in alignment with their values. From emotional self-mastery to heart-centered decision-making and creative manifestation, the framework unlocks potential.

“This work has made me a better husband, father, and leader. I now have practices to calm my triggers, communicate with compassion, and manifest my vision.” – Marc Jarjour

Our Supportive Community

Find your people here. Our learning circles provide intimate spaces for members to share vulnerably under the guidance of experienced facilitators. Breakthroughs happen as you realize you’re not alone. Many members credit our circles for getting them through difficult times, leveling up their careers or relationships. Experience firsthand the power of being seen, heard and supported.

Explore Courses and Group Programs

Discover our range of self-paced courses and group coaching programs tailored to nurture your personal, professional, and spiritual growth. From living from the heart and emotional self-mastery to wholehearted communication and creative manifestation, our courses provide the tools and insights you need to thrive as a heart-centered leader in today’s world.

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