The Heart Leader Academy

A learning platform for leaders who want to master the nine skills of Heart Leadership so they can become the highest possible version of themselves, lead others more powerfully, and create a bigger impact in the world.

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What You Will Receive

Benefits of Joining

Be part of a heart-centered community of leaders who are committed to holding their Heartlight, and achieving a higher level of personal leadership and mastery.

  • Improve physical, mental, and emotional health

  • Release emotional blocks and addictive behaviors

  • Remain strong, calm, and centered during difficult times

  • Communicate more effectively and compassionately

  • Building deeper, more loving relationships

  • Live in greater alignment with your higher purpose

  • Make a greater impact in the world

  • Take your leadership skills to a whole new level

  • Connect with other heart-centered leaders globally

Master the Nine Skills of

Heart Leadership

  • Following your heart's direction first before you can lead others.

  • Creating a life, relationships, and a career in greater alignment with your core values, life purpose, and genuine heart desires.

  • Mastering your emotions so that you can remain calm, strong, and centered in what appears to be an emotionally charged world.

  • Communicating consciously, clearly, courageously, and compassionately with others.

  • Coaching and facilitating deep, meaningful change in others so that they too can follow their heart's direction and manifest their potential.

  • Enrolling new clients and the support of partners, mentors, and allies who will help you achieve your goals and manifest your potential.

  • Transforming others' lives by building a conscious, heart-centered organization, business, or practice aligned with who you are and allows you to express your purpose in life.

  • Transcending your limiting beliefs, self-imposed limitations, emotional wounds, addictions, and blocks by tapping into the love, wisdom, and power of your Higher Self or Divine Identity.

  • Leading others from a more powerful place of courage, compassion, and love by being a guide on their side who nurtures and supports them along their way.

What Members Are Saying


“Gabriel’s unique and powerful style of coaching has supported me in stepping into my power and maintaining a rhythm that I had never imagined possible. I find that I am more impactful in my work with young people, activists, and leaders because I am authentic and able to dance using my own special gifts. His ability hold the space for my greatest potential is priceless!”- Shamillah Wilson

“Gabriel helped me clarify my vision as a leader. The work we did together helped me identify exactly who I am here to serve and the transformation my clients will experience. Together, we laid a new foundation for my international coaching business that is in perfect alignment with my unique style, voice, and message.”- Brian Bachand, Evolution Coaching

Meet your Coach

Gabriel Gonsalves

Gabriel Gonsalves is a Coach, Trainer, and Artist specializing in the field of Heart Intelligence. He's the founder of Heart'n Mind Consulting and the Heart Leader Academy.Through individual coaching, group programs, and seminars, he teaches a heart-centered approach to Personal Mastery, Spiritual Growth, and Leadership Development that helps people become the most loving, joyful, and powerful version of themselves.

The Methodology

Deep, Heart-Centered, Transformational


Discover the hidden determinants of your life: core values, purpose and heart desires. Then, start creating a vision for your life that is in perfect alignment with who you really are.


Master your emotions, access your inner guidance system, and respond to life with compassion, kindness, and love by learning how to activate the Heart/Brain connection.


Heal your heart, transcend past traumas, emotional blocks and addictive behaviors that keep you from becoming the best, most loving and powerful version of yourself.

What Makes Our Programs Different

The Approach

While most personal development courses focus on the mental and psychological aspects that drive human behavior, our programs go beyond by including the roles that Emotions, Heart-Brain Coherence, and electromagnetic Attractor Fields play in personal growth and spiritual transformation.The processes, tools, and techniques you'll learn will change the way you see and experience your world. And when you change the way you see and experience your world, your world changes. Therefore, expect many changes to take place in your life!

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The Platform

The Heart Leader Academy runs on Mighty Networks, an all-in-one platform designed for people who want to master something new, together. You'll be able to interact with other members, and access all your course materials from the convenience of your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Everything at your fingertips!

Our Advanced Specialty-Certified


If you enjoy live training experiences where you can connect with other interesting people, we offer three courses for anyone who wants to add scope to their personal mastery practice, heal their heart, or learn how to coach and lead others more powerfully, and create a bigger impact in the world.


A seven-week course for people interested in learning the foundational principles and practices of Heart-Centered Living and Emotional Self-Mastery.


A nine-week training for anyone interested in healing their heart, build deeper, more loving relationships, and reconnect with your natural joy.


A nine-month certification training program for people interested in coaching and leading others more powerfully and creating a bigger impact in the world.

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