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We bring together a vibrant collective of heart-centered leaders who are dedicated to personal growth, authentic connection, and making a positive impact in the world. Our community serves as a supportive space where individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences come together to learn, share, and uplift one another. Through our shared journey of self-discovery and growth, we empower each other to lead with compassion, embrace vulnerability, and ignite transformative change. Together, we harness the power of our hearts to create a ripple effect of love, empathy, and conscious leadership that extends far beyond ourselves.

Join us on this empowering path of growth and together, let’s unlock our true potential and inspire a more compassionate and thriving world.

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our heart-centered approach

We provide a Heart-Centered approach to personal mastery, leadership development, and spiritual growth

Personal Mastery

Embark on a journey to discover your best self with our Personal Mastery program. Uncover your strengths, live a life filled with purpose, and navigate life’s twists and turns with confidence. Shine brighter and embrace an authentic life.

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leadership development

Unleash your leadership skills with our transformative leadership program. Communicate effectively, guide others with compassion, and become the positive influence that sparks change.

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spiritual growth

Cultivate your spirit with our Spiritual Growth program. Connect with your heart, explore your emotions, and tap into an inner strength that lights your path. This journey leads to a more fulfilling, enlightened, and purposeful life.

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master The nine essential skills

Our framework will support you in acquiring and embodying the foundational skills of Heart-Centered, Transformative Leadership

Follow Your Heart

Embrace foundational principles and practices of Heart-Centered Living

Create a Life You Love

Align your vision with core values, life purpose, and true heart desires

Master Your Emotions

Develop resilience, staying strong, calm, and centered during challenging times

Communicate Wholeheartedly

Foster deeper connections through clear, authentic, and compassionate communication

Coach from the Heart

Learn the art of deep, heart-centered, transformational coaching.

Enroll Without Selling

Engage in authentic conversations that naturally lead to collaboration or client enrollment

Transform People’s Lives

Build a heart-centered, transformative business rooted in purpose and service

Transcend Your Limitations

Exceed self-imposed boundaries and manifest your highest destiny

Lead Others Powerfully

Become the change you wish to see in the world

Why join our learning Community?

Immerse yourself in our vibrant community of heart-centered leaders, fostering personal growth, authentic connections, and positive change.

Be part of a supportive learning community

Forge authentic connections with heart-minded leaders

Share your journey and receive support from others

Learn anytime, anywhere, effortlessly on any device

Gain access to invaluable tools and learning resources

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Hear from our community members and students about the transformative impact of our programs

Simona Abome

heart warrior graduate

The Heart Warrior Bootcamp not only challenged me emotionally and mentally, but also transformed my relationships. Through the intensive training, I learned to cultivate emotional resilience and communicate from the heart. As a result, I’ve seen a significant improvement in my relationship with my daughter—our bond has deepened, and our communication has become more compassionate and understanding.


heart leader graduate

Gabriel’s Heart Leader Certification program provided me with a transformative foundation for leading with authenticity and compassion in both my personal and professional life. Through this certification, I witnessed remarkable growth in my coaching practice, as my work became more aligned with our spiritual principles, leading to increased support, emotional satisfaction, and positive social change.

Jenille Harris

heart leader graduate

The Heart Leader Training Program had a profound impact on my professional life. The skills and insights I gained allowed me to become a more effective and compassionate leader in my organization. I no longer feel anxious, and I witnessed a tangible difference in team dynamics, as collaboration and communication improved, leading to increased productivity and a more harmonious, heart-centered work environment.

Johannes Pedersen

heart leader graduate

The Heart Leadership Program has been a game-changer for me. The comprehensive curriculum, combined with Gabriel’s guidance and support, has elevated my leadership skills to new heights. The program empowered me to start my coaching practice, and lead with authenticity, compassion, and a deep understanding of the transformative power of the heart. It’s been a life-altering journey!

Olwen Capper

heart leader graduate

Gabriel’s Leadership Certification program offered me profound insights and tools that beautifully complemented my work as a shamanic practitioner. By integrating heart-centered practices into my healing sessions and workshops, I witnessed remarkable transformations in my clients. The program deepened my ability to hold sacred space, cultivate authentic connections, and guide others towards self-discovery and healing.

Marc Jarjour

heart leader graduate

The decision to retire from the business world and rededicate my life to Christ was a pivotal moment for me. The Heart Leader Certification program played a significant role in this transition by equipping me with the spiritual and leadership foundation I needed. Through the program, I gained a deeper understanding of the power of love, compassion, and servant leadership. This transformation allowed me to embark on a new direction rooted in my faith.

Our Courses & programs

Explore our selection of courses and programs designed to nurture personal growth and transformation

Living from the Heart Course



Learn the foundational principles and practices of Heart-Centered living, explore the pillars for creating optimal heart health, and cultivate inner well-being with our introductory self-paced online course.

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Heart Mastery Circle


per quarter

An empowering and transformative group learning program, offering weekly support and guidance on following your heart, aligning with your purpose, managing your emotions, and creating a life you love.

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Heart Warrior Bootcamp


payment plan available

A high-impact 12-week bootcamp, empowering you with skills for emotional self-mastery. It’s designed to help you heal your heart, let go of addictions, reclaim your power, and unlock your potential.

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Heart Leader Certification


payment plan available

A nine-month certified program in Heart Intelligence Coaching, Small Group Facilitation, and Transformational Leadership for aspiring coaches, facilitators, and leaders.

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How you Make a Difference

Our organization follows a pay-it-forwad business model: those who can afford my products and services help pay for those who cannot. When you purchase one of our programs, courses or services, you invest in your personal development and spiritual growth while helping others heal and transform. Indirectly, you’re helping us support many people around the world.