Heart Warrior Bootcamp

USD $750 • Starts on Tuesday, April 30th

A high-impact 12-week group coaching program designed to help you heal your heart, let go of addictions, reclaim your power, and unlock your full potential.

Who is it for? Anyone ready to do deep inner work in order to make significant life changes, overcome emotional challenges, release limiting beliefs, and break free from addictive, self-sabotaging patterns.

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Course Description

Within you exists an epic battle between light and darkness, a constant tug-of-war between your authentic, radiant essence and the shadowy aspects you’ve suppressed and disowned over the years. The shadows of anger, shame, fear, addiction and wounding amassed through life’s tests and traumas. The parts of yourself deemed “unacceptable” that you’ve locked away out of survival.

Yet these shadows don’t disappear when banished to the unconscious mind. On the contrary, they fester and wreak havoc through addictive patterns, self-sabotage, turbulent emotions, toxic relationships, and a pervasive sense that you’re “not enough.” The only path forward is to turn inward as a spiritual warrior and consciously embrace all that you’ve rejected within yourself. To reclaim your wholeness and emerge as the powerful, loving force this world needs.

This is your initiation to rebirth as a Heart Warrior.

Break Free From Addictions For Good

At the start, you’ll have the opportunity to name 1-2 addictive patterns you’re ready to break free from. This could be anything from substance, food, alcohol, or porn addiction, to unhealthy relationships, to sabotaging habits.

Together, we’ll trace these addictions back to their root cause. Often, our addictive tendencies form as an unconscious coping mechanism to ease emotional wounds from childhood or pivotal life events. Through inner child work, boundary setting, shame release exercises, and core belief reprogramming, you’ll heal these foundational wounds so your need for the addiction organically dissolves.

By directly addressing those addictive reflexes that hijack your growth, the Heart Warrior Bootcamp will equip you to stand strong when old triggers arise, relating to yourself and others from your most grounded, authentic center of power. You’ll break free from self-sabotaging patterns and align your life force with your soul’s purpose.

The Way of the Heart Warrior

The Heart Warrior path is one of the deepest journeys of self-discovery, vulnerability, and profound inner healing. It involves:

  • Developing razor-sharp self-awareness to recognize when you’ve been triggered and shadows like anger, resentment, jealousy surface
  • Cultivating emotional mastery skills like witnessing, grounding, heart-brain coherence, and energy clearing to process heavy emotions and liberate trapped energy
  • Practicing radical self-compassion to embrace your full humanity and inherent innocence
  • Implementing proven inner child integration techniques for shadow reintegration and embodying higher frequencies of being
  • Learning simple compassionate communication skills to relate from your authentic core with truth and empathy.

In the Heart Warrior Bootcamp, these are the exact skills, tools, and experiences I’ll be equipping you with through an alchemical process of transformation.

The Heart Warrior Bootcamp

Over 12 powerful weeks, you’ll journey into your unconscious depths with my skillful and compassionate guidance. What emerges is a rebirth and reunification with your most radiant selfhood. You’ll shed layers of shame, self-rejection and false narratives about who you are. The chains that once bound you in cycles of addiction, martyrdom and replaying childhood wounds will shatter. A profound acceptance and inner freedom will take root.

Spiritually, you’ll activate your heart’s intuition as your compass. Your relationships will blossom with wholehearted intimacy and communication. You’ll clarify your sacred life purpose, aligned with your soul’s highest callings. On all levels, you’ll experience a radical homecoming to your most courageous, authentic truth.

In short, you’ll arise as the empowered Heart Warrior our world needs more of. The transformation of your lifetime awaits.

Here’s What’s Included in the Bootcamp

1) Direct Guidance and Coaching

  • Weekly 90-minute live group coaching calls via Zoom
  • Replays of each group call will be provided in case you miss a session

2) Self-Paced Learning Courses

  • Living from the Heart – Foundational teachings for awakening heart intelligence
  • Heart-Centered Meditation – Guided practices for intuitive clarity and peace
  • Praying from the Heart – Open your spiritual channels through heart prayer
  • Emotional-Self Mastery – Remain calm, centered, and strong in a stressful world

3) Vibrant Learning Community

  • Private online learning community for sharing, advice and accountability
  • Share your stories, wins, and spotlights to inspire your journey
  • Option to form accountability partners or triads

4) Exclusive Learning Resources

  • Video library of movies, past workshops, and meditations
  • Book, audios, and resource recommendations

The Logistics, Requirements & Investment

The Heart Warrior Bootcamp begins on Tuesday, April 30th, 2024, meeting 12 consecutive Tuesdays until the completion of the program at 10am EST, 3pm GMT, 4pm CEST/SAST, 7:30pm IST, 10pm AWST (See your local time)

The primary prerequisites are your full participation and a burning desire to master the skills of a Heart Warrior.

You are a great fit if you possess:

  • A genuine interest in spirituality, compassion, and living from the heart
  • A robust commitment to learning, growth, healing, and transformation
  • A passionate will to create deep, meaningful changes in your life

If within the first 30 days you don’t feel a profound shift and growth, let me know for a full refund – no questions asked.

The investment is $750 or two payments of $390.

Reclaim Your Inner Warrior

The unconscious shadows of anger, limiting beliefs, toxic patterns, and wounds you’ve accumulated aren’t going to disappear on their own. Left unattended, they’ll undermine your dreams, sabotage your growth, and leave you feeling forever incomplete. The path of the Heart Warrior is a summoning to dive inward and reclaim the wholeness of your humanity. To stop at nothing less than reunifying all aspects of your being into an unstoppable force of truth, love and creative power.

When you decide it’s time to do something about your addictions, and take radical responsibility for embracing and transcending your shadows, I’ll be honored to initiate you into this spiritual warriors’ circle. The journey won’t be easy, but the rebirth into wholeness is worth it. If that calling stirs something deep within you, answer it.

If you’re unsure whether this program is the right fit for you, I am here to help. I encourage you to schedule a connection call with me. Together, we can explore your aspirations, discuss any queries you may have, and determine whether the Heart Warrior Bootcamp holds the key to your personal transformation and spiritual growth.

Join me for the next 12-week Heart Warrior Bootcamp beginning on April 30th, 2024 and begin your metamorphosis. Space is limited to only 8 participants, so register today to reserve your spot!

Fully Booked