Heart Mastery Circle

USD $99 • Per Quarter

Unlock the wisdom of your heart by joining my ongoing, immersive group program. Receive weekly coaching and become part of a supportive tribe to navigate life’s challenges from a heart-centered space.

Who is it for? Anyone feeling called to experience deeper self-love, emotional resilience, spiritual growth, and the transformative power of heart awakening.

Registration Opens on March 26th, 2024

Course Description

Do you have a deep longing to finally feel at home within yourself? Like there’s an essence waiting behind the stress of daily life? Those stirrings are the calling of your heart. It’s time to shed what holds you back to unlock the love, wisdom, and freedom that awaits. The Heart Mastery Circle guides you on that journey. It’s a weekly supportive space holding you through profound personal and spiritual growth.

What is the Heart Mastery Circle?

The Heart Mastery Circle is an ongoing coaching circle that serves as a sacred container for those ready to embark on the journey of profound personal transformation through heart awakening. You’ll join a community undertaking the same path – to peel back conditioned layers, shift limiting beliefs and reconnect with your core. Together you’ll rediscover wholeness.

The Circle is for those who’ve looked behind the veil of conventional success and long for something deeper. Who feel trapped in overthinking, self-doubt or turbulence. Who know relationships and creativity could blossom if they had tools to embody heart-truth.

Whether you’re awakening or an experienced seeker, the Circle will initiate and deepen your journey home. My mentorship and this community create a space of safety to explore what holds you back. In that vulnerability, love and joy waiting to pour through you will finally be unleashed.

Here’s What Your Membership Includes:

1) Direct Guidance and Coaching

  • Weekly live group coaching calls to get personalized support and teachings (via Zoom)
  • Ability to submit questions for calls ahead of time
  • Quarterly 2-hour laser coaching intensives for breakthrough activations

2) Self-Paced Learning Courses

  • Living from the Heart – Foundational teachings for awakening heart intelligence
  • Heart-Centered Meditation – Guided practices for intuitive clarity and peace
  • Praying from the Heart – Open your spiritual channels through heart prayer

3) Vibrant Member Community

  • Private online community for sharing, advice and accountability
  • Member stories, wins, and spotlights to inspire your journey
  • Option to form accountability partners or triads
  • Opportunity to coordinate local member meetups

4) Exclusive Learning Resources

  • Video library of movies, past workshops, and meditations
  • Book, audios, and resource recommendations
  • Giveaways, discounts and early access to new programs

Plus, you’ll join the new monthly Heart Stream meditation sessions for a taste of the powerful group energy ahead.

Join a Supportive Community of Heart-Centered Seekers

One of the most powerful parts of the Heart Mastery Circle is the vibrant member community that forms. You’ll become part of a global family of courageous sojourners undertaking the same path of self-discovery. Together, you’ll encourage and uplift each other through wins and challenges alike. There will be space to form deep bonds through sharing vulnerabilities and breakthroughs. You’ll realize you’re not alone – there is an extended tribe holding space for your growth. This heart-centered collective will amplify and accelerate your transformation exponentially.

Try It Out Risk-Free

Join today and commit for 30 days. If you don’t feel it’s profoundly shifting insight and growth, let me know for a full refund – no questions asked.

The investment is $99/quarter.

The awakening of your heart is already underway. By joining this circle, you’ll receive the roadmap, practices, and community to anchor into your heart’s rhythm.

A Powerful Transformation Awaits…

Maybe you’ve worked on personal growth before, but still feel trapped in cycles of overthinking, lacking self-trust, and a sense of spiritual disconnect. By applying the heart-centered principles and practices you’ll learn in this circle, you can expect a radical shift:

From paralysis and lack of direction → To inspired action fueled by clarity of vision

From emotional turbulence → To unshakable self-mastery and inner calm

From shallow relationships → To profound intimacy through wholehearted vulnerability

From lack of purpose → To living your sacred calling as a force for good in the world

In other words, the journey ahead will re-orient your entire reality. Where love’s presence was once an intermittent visitor, it will now pervade your being as the guiding force – restoring you to your natural state of heart-centered flow, joy and creative brilliance.

Embark on the Path of Heart Mastery

The awakening of your heart has already begun. By joining this global circle of truth-seekers, you’ll receive the roadmap, practices, and community support to fully anchor into your heart’s rhythms. Synchronicity, creative flow, and that constant sense of “Yes, this is who I am!” will become your new baseline state of being.

The transformation awaits. The path is calling you home. Join my Heart Mastery Circle Today! You’ll be glad you did.