How you Make a Difference

Our organization follows a pay-it-forward business model. When you purchase one of our programs, courses, or services, you not only invest in your own personal development and spiritual growth, but you also help cover the costs for those who cannot afford them. By doing so, you indirectly support the healing and transformation of others, and enable me to provide for many people around the world.

Tuition Scholarships

Full and partial scholarships are available for people who have a deep calling to be leaders and coaches but don’t have the financial ability to pay the tuition fees.

Pro Bono Services

I provide pro bono counseling services to people who are heartbroken or going through major life challenges and cannot afford to pay my regular fees.

Heartland Retreat Center

I’m on a mission to build Heartland, a healing retreat center in the South of Spain for people who desire to heal their hearts and reconnect with their natural joy.